Functional Testing Tools: Open Source or Commercial Acceptance and User Automated Software Testing


Commercial Functional Software Testing Tools


benerator is a framework for creating realistic and valid high-volume test data, used for testing (unit/integration/load) and showcase setup. Metadata constraints are imported from systems and/or configuration files. Data can be imported from and exported to files and systems, anonymized or generated from scratch. Domain packages provide reusable generators for creating domain-specific data as names and addresses internationalizable in language and region. It is strongly customizable with plugins and configuration options. benerator is released under a dual license - GPL and commercial. For quick details check the FAQ.

Conformiq Qtronic

Conformiq Qtronic generates tests automatically from system models. Tests are generated by deriving useful inputs and the expected outputs by mathematical methods using the system model as source. The tests can be deployed and executed in many different ways, based on open plug-in APIs for test deployment.


eggPlant is ideal for GUI test automation and black-box testing of any application including those that can cause problems for other tools.

eValid Web Testing Suite

Testing Web Applications has become simpler and more accurate: eValid technology puts testing, load and performance analysis functions where they should be: inside an IE-compatible browser. This automated Web Testing and Analysis Suite can test any website or web application - intranet or extranet - or web service, viewed with a browser. Modules include: Functional Test, Regression Test, eV.Manager, LoadTest, Monitoring, Site Analysis, 3D-Sitemap and International. Your web server cannot tell the difference between an eValid playback and a real user, so your results are authentic. eValid gives you the real user's experience. It installs in minutes and produces test results and useful reports in less than half an hour.

expecco - model-based test development

expecco is an innovative product suite for model-based test development and execution. Create tests as easily as with a modular system. In expecco, tests are created as graphical models (activity diagrams). This enables employees without any programming know-how to create, maintain and execute tests. Reusable test blocks and extensive libraries greatly simplify the development, automation and evaluation of even the most complex test scenarios. expecco offers comprehensive functions and libraries to automate tests and recurring tasks for soft- and hardware as well as web applications (Selenium IDE) and Window GUIs.

FIT TestSpec

TestSpec is an integrated FIT Module which can be used to design and manage your complete testing process. TestSpec offers a quick and efficient, cost effective method to keep track of Test Cases, their execution and progress reports.


FUNTASY is a functional test automation system that is based on non-GUI Test Automation and the Keyword Driven Testing (KDT) approach. It enables cross-organization test design by employing a key word driven testing rather than programming languages. With FUNTASY, you can improve product quality while reducing development, maintenance and execution of automated testing time by more than 80%.

Ghost Inspector

Ghost Inspector lets you create and manage UI tests that check specific functionality in your website or application. We execute these tests continuously from the cloud and alert you if anything breaks. is an automation tool designed to implement client-side functional testing of web applications under Internet Explorer 6.x or 7.x, using the C# or VB.NET language with Visual Studio 2003 or 2005 or Visual Studio Express. In release 1.2 the following new features have been added: - An interactive DOM viewer available at record time offering support for Ajax applications - NUnit support (source code available for integration with other test frameworks) - Support for the Visual Studio Add-in (source code available for integrating other Add-ins)


ItsNat is an innovative open source (dual licensed, GNU Affero General Public License v3/commercial license for closed source projects) Java AJAX Component based Web Framework. It offers a natural approach to the modern web development. Why natural? ItsNat leverages the old tools to build the new AJAX based Web 2.0 applications: pure (X)HTML templates, pure W3C DOM... and pure Java!. ItsNat is server centric using a unique approach called TBITS, "The Browser Is The Server": ItsNat simulates a Universal W3C Java Browser at the server, with ItsNat the server mimics the behavior of a web browser, containing a W3C DOM Level 2 node tree and receiving W3C DOM Events.

KD Executor

KD Executor is the complete testing environment that is optimized for Qt-based applications. By recording actual user input, new tests are created quickly and easily. During the recording of tests, you can inspect your application and record key properties that become test benchmarks. KD Executor's sophisticated test management subsystem allows you to replay your tests in any combination and automatically validates your application's execution against your established test benchmarks. KD Executor is easy to use by users of all skill levels, while simultaneously providing all of the power and sophistication you need to thoroughly test your applications.

QA Wizard

QA Wizard completely automates the functional and regression testing of Web, Windows, and Java applications, helping you increase test coverage and deliver solutions to your customers faster. Whether you are developing Windows or Java applications, browser-based applications, Web sites, e-commerce solutions, or .NET applications, QA Wizard has you covered.


QF-Test from Quality First Software is a cross-platform software tool for GUI test automation of Java/Swing, SWT, Eclipse plug-ins and RCP applications, ULC, Java applets and Java Web Start and the cross-browser testing of static and dynamic web pages - web2.0/Ajax.

QPack ALM solution

QPack is an end-to-end solution for Application Lifecycle Management, containing all development lifecycle modules, such as Market requirements, product requirements, development tasks, testing, bug tracking and delivery. QPack ALM supports the marketing team, system architects, developers and testers by providing each with professional tools suited to their specific needs and methodologies. QPack is cost effective, easy to use and requires very little maintenance.


Qualify is a Test Plan Management system designed to get QA teams authoring and executing test plans in an organized and highly efficient process. Primary features include 1 - Test plan authoring and editing 2 - Reuseable test cases 3 - Test case grouping 4 - Results tracking 5 - Test result reporting 6 - Supports team environments 7 - Test data support 8 - Environment coverage support 9 - Test plan assignment

Ranorex - GUI Test Automation Framework

Ranorex allows quick and easy implementation of GUI automation scripts based on the common programming languages C#, C++, VB.NET and Python. That way, there's no need to learn another language just for automation purposes. The Ranorex Web Testing framework enables a simple way to automate and test web applications using .NET. With the help of the RanoreXPath web elements can be easily identified and filtered.


Rapise is a next generation software test automation tool that leverages the power of open architecture to improve application quality and reduce time to market. Using advanced technology and an extensible architecture, Rapise can handle your software application and cross-browser testing needs


Reactive Systems offers the Reactis testing and validation package for Simulink and Stateflow models. Reactis Tester generates comprehensive yet compact test suites from models. Reactis Simulator enables users to visualize test execution, track test coverage, and fine-tune Tester-generated tests. Reactis Validator automatically searches models for violations of user-specified requirements. Reactis for C Plugin offers white-box analysis of the C code portions of models (S-Functions and Stateflow custom C code). The tool integrates seamlessly with (and requires) Reactis.

Replay Xcessory

Replay Xcessory combines true widget awareness, a non-proprietary scripting language, and automatic synchronization to provide object-based capture/playback verification of your most sophisticated applications. Replay tests your products faster and with greater accuracy than any other testing tool available today. Because Replay Xcessory minimally instruments the application under test (AUT) , and in only the most effective place, the X ToolKit library (Xt), your tests are completed rapidly and with the least amount of impact on the application. There are no additional libraries to link and no modifications to source code. Since Replay Xcessory does not require any X server instrumentation, it runs on any X terminal or X server. Tests are easily created by automatically recording interactions with the application. Captured in standard TCL scripting, Replay Xcessory provides an open solution for testing distributed systems, applications, and data.

Shunra VE Desktop for MS Visual Studio

VE Desktop for Microsoft Visual Studio is a one-of-a-kind solution that provides developers with the capability test code that will run over the production network. Bugs found in design and development are exponentially cheaper to fix than in any other phase of the application lifecycle. This desktop solution enables a powerfully integrated solution for Microsoft Visual Studio users to set WAN emulation parameters while developing applications, and run basic or advanced network emulation.


SmarteScript is designed for extreme ease of use and enables very rapid development and maintenance of automated software regression test suites. SmarteScript enables test suite development about 5x faster than hand-scripting tools (i.e. pretty much any other tool), per customer testimonials, and requires no hand-scripting. All scripts and test case documentation are generated automatically. It is NOT Record & Playback, and does not have any of the drawbacks of R&P.


SWEA automates regression and functional testing for Web applications. The program creates an automation API for any Web application which uses HTML and DHTML and works with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Web application becomes programmatically accessible from any .NET language. SWEA API provides access to Web application controls and content. The API is generated using SWEA Visual Designer. SWEA Visual Designer helps create programmable objects from a Web page content. SWEA records, replays test scripts and generates C# or VB.NET script code. SWEA generated scripts can be used in NUnit, MbUnit or VS Unit testing frameworks. SWEA was specially designed to automate complex DHTML/AJAX applications.


LogiGear delivers the TestArchitect(TM) toolset at the center of a complete test automation framework that will enable your testing team to test earlier, test more, reduce costs and speed time-to-market. TestArchitect is a key component of the Action Based Testing(TM) framework that enables your organization to align software development and testing groups, unite test designers, testers and automation engineers, and integrate your onshore and offshore testing teams. Test Case Generator Service

Combinatorial test case generator service for improved test factor coverage with fewer test cases. Typical uses include (1) specifying minimum number of test configurations, (2) functional test case design for integration test or system test. Designed for simple operation, the tool easily adapts to complex constraints of configurations and other requirements. Multiple states of the system under test (normal and error handling for example) are easily accommodated. For a test design example and more detail, see the brochure at The service has superior test case efficiency and response time compared with typical pairwise or random generators. The performance page describes specific cases. Free subscriptions for students enrolled in school.


TestDrive-Assist is a totally new concept in testing that offers a significant helping hand for manual testers, who are seeing immediate benefits from its use. With powerful tracking functions to testers that are non intrusive and feel natural, developers can correct defects much quicker. This means the problem can simply be re-created, whilst the results can eventually be used to build fully automated tests.


TestOptimal ProMBT, WinMBT, BasicMBT, RuntimeMBT are a suite of model-based test automation tools for functional testing and load/performance testing. TestOptimal combines Model-Based Testing (MBT) and Data-Driven Testing (DDT) to provide you a powerful test case generation and test automation tool.


VectorCAST/Ada is an integrated software test solution that significantly reduces the time, effort, and cost associated with testing Ada software components necessary for validating safety- and mission-critical embedded systems.


Automated Capture & Replay test tool for functional testing of web based applications and portals. web2test runs under Windows and Linux and supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Seamonkey. Test scripts are browser and platform independent and tolerant to GUI changes. A 100% component based approach allows detailed and complex checks. There is no programming knowledge needed for creation and maintenance of test scripts. Additionally web2test provides a scripting interface in Jython and Groovy. The tool can be integrated with HP TestDirector for Quality Center and supports the testing of AJAX applications and data driven and distributed testing.

WebUI Test Studio

Meet the click & play web application testing tool specifically designed for dynamic interfaces and complex AJAX and Silverlight scenarios. Record, execute and debug functional tests without leaving the familiar Visual Studio environment. Record a test just once and have it executed against multiple browsers. Get all the features you need for efficient automated web testing such as DOM Explorer, web element abstraction, dynamic AJAX pages synchronization, and more. WebUI Test Studio comes with built-in translators for all Telerik ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight controls. When recording a test, WebUI Test Studio will automatically recognize RadControls on a page and provide intelligent options to validate the state of each control and its child elements.